“Dirty Wind/ Back On The Shore” 2011 Fort Lowell Records
Dirty Wind
Back On The Shore






“On The Wreath” 2010 Le Pop Musik (EU/US) BUY IT
Clouds of all your rain
Take it to the road
Wait inside
Plastic bows
Garbage day
Bare back bones
Tide below
Man in the moose suit
Oh why
Make it right

“EPPP” 2008 MOR Sold Old

“Debut” 2006 MOR

Other Works:

“IdN Video V17N6” (Music Video Included) BUY IT
“Luz de Vida” (Drums w/ Tracy Shedd & Mark Growden) BUY IT
“Wine Of Summer” (Engineer/ Arrangement/ Composition) Full Length Film Soundtrack
“Stone Tools” Young Hunter 2012 (Drummer) BUY IT
“Children Of A Hungry World” Young Hunter 2011 (Drummer/ Engineer & Mixing) BUY IT
“Soundtracks Vol IV” (Percussion) Naim Amor 2011 Soundtrack For Documentary “Precious Knowledge”
“Lose Me In The Sand” (Percussion) Mark Growden 2011 PortoFranco Records
“By The Dirt” (Back Ups)Gabriel Sullivan 2009 Fellcity Records
“Beat This Horse” (Drums/ Co-producer) Will Elliott 2007